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Bubblews and Bonzo Me Networking « Profit.Social
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Bubblews and Bonzo Me Networking

Posted on May 10, 2015 | Category :Uncategorized | No Comments on Bubblews and Bonzo Me Networking

As of right now, what social media sites can you think of that have paid you back? Can’t think of any off the top of your head well we are here to introduce two sites that are doing just that.

Bonzo Me and Bubblews take your content and let’s say something you wrote went viral or have gained from traffic to the site; you will receive a portion of the ad revenue from the site; about 80% of the ad revenue.

As of now Bubblews will pay you by the fact that if your post has been shared to another social network or even by the click. And what both of these social media sharing sites want depends on you. Number one rule, go a bit deeper. None of the shallow stuff you tend to read while passing through on some sites.

For instance Bubblews wants at least 400 characters per post and what we like about this, is the fact that writing or perhaps journalism of some sort may be making a comeback but in this digital format.

Bonzo Me pays by the most popular post, not so bad considering no one ever really knows what will go viral or become popular amongst friends.

Bonzo Me has this excellent tagline once you enter the site explaining how they want to help change the social media world, and the fact of the matter is…that would start with you. The people that use these platforms for exercise ambitions, dreams, social matters and anything else that inspires.

Also another fun fact, Bonzo Me can be used as an app. So don’t worry about turning on your laptop, simply take a photo with your phone and you’ll be well on your way.

These social media hooks can provide a bit of cash while you still can’t quit your day job just yet. However, these two sites will introduce you to the world of making a profit with social networking.

Work with each one as well as take the time to go through and read the FAQs that each social media network has enlisted on their pages.

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