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How to profit from the social networks if you don’t own a company?

Long ago social networks turned into something more than album with incorporated chat service. Today they are used in many ways to help people gain information, exchange ideas or even get some extra money. No, we are not talking for dirty bargains and frauds here (although they are also widely practiced online, so be careful!).

May be you think that only companies profit from such enterprises but open your mind and see the truth: everyone can get benefits in financial measure, look how you can do it personally!

  • The Tsu network

Its idea is that every user should get paid if he or she produces any kind of content that gathers likes, comments or any other kind of commercial use of their content. According to Sebastian Sobczak, the creator of Tzu, the company will provide its users with 90 percent of its ad revenue. The other thing that they plan to reward is the involving of new people. So did you made lists which of your friends will you invite?

  • Coupons online

Basically it may seem that you don’t gain money but isn’t it saving the other face of gaining? If you are a passionate online shopper probably you know the tags that offer you discount if you provide coupon code. So here are a couple of sites that publish coupons for wide range of brands and services, may be your favorite is among them or maybe you are on your way to find it now:

  • Hybrid networks

These are free networks that offer coupons and deals combined with group and friends gathering. You can enter a group that is topic based or created by your friends and you can share the coupons over any other standard social network like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


How to find place for your business in Social network obsessed market?

It’s true; today we are all maniacs when it comes to social networking. No matter if you use Twitter, Facebook, Blogger or any other type of network communication probably you’ve spotted that you notice less companies and businesses that are not promoted in your network. If you are starter or you have already a business that you want to develop, you cannot proceed without proper presentation in the social networks. It’s simple – if you don’t exist there, you don’t exist at all. How to find a place to fit your business in the networks? Here are a couple of steps you can use!

  1. Check the competitors’ presentation.

Use the available information on their sites, blogs or walls to see how they have organized their presentations in the social networks. What they stress on? Is it images, customer contact or product descriptions? See how this reflects their popularity among the audience because in social networks businesses measure their success through it.

  1. Connect yourself.

You may start by connecting through friends, acquaintances or relatives but remember that this is the image of your business, not of your personality. Leave the recipes’ exchange, personal complaining and other nonprofessional things for your personal page. Use interest orientated pages to expand your network.

  1. Be interesting and useful.

Two things are valuable today: intriguing way of displaying information and if we can have some benefit from it. Base the information you present to your online friends on this principles and their number will grow as also the number of your customers.

  1. Use the feedback opportunities.

Answer your clients on time and accurately. Keep in touch to see if they are satisfied with the service or product you offer and post their reviews. For a client nothing is more valuable like the opinion of another customer.

Rules of businesses in the social networks

What are the specifications of the environment? Remember that operating in social network is based mostly on respect and communication. Every marketing is good as long as it draws attention toward your products but if you want to create good image, you need to communicate properly. Social networks are based on openness and availability so be careful what you post on your wall, board or another display place. Use your face to face customers to start, network is network because it works like a web – through your customers you will reach more and more people – their friends, colleagues, relatives which will “spread the word” for you without expensive advertisements.

Another thing you need to keep is the dynamic. With social media what doesn’t get often refreshed becomes forgotten. No matter if you have blog, Facebook wall or Instagram, update it frequently with information for your products or related topics that will keep audience’s interest on you. For example, if your company creates apps post their specifications and the benefits that the customers will get from them.

Be careful, that’s the third rule. Protect your property no matter personal or business. Don’t disclose too much about your products to avoid plagiarism from competitors. Make sure all the information you share is harmless and cannot be used against you in any way.

Respect your competitors – if you start with posting ugly posts or lies, you will probably end up receiving the same. Restrain yourself from too emotional outbursts no matter if they are good or bad. Be respectful, moderate and honest.

Security is a great issue when it comes to Internet communication. To avoid being robbed from your intellectual property, don’t share schemes, codes, detailed images or videos and music. Anything that is object of your business should remain strictly for company’s use.

Websites That Can Help You Earn Money Back

Shopping online is the new normal. Keeping that in mind, saving and earning cash back is something that is on everyone’s mind and will help towards that upcoming paycheck. is one site that actually receives quite a bit of air time on television. Offering coupon codes from big brand name stores that usually would cost a little extra to have that nice dress. Or even those birthday gifts that seemed to break your bank account. However, finding these sites may very well save your bank account and earn you cash back in the long run. is another site that offers cash back rewards. That by installing their tool bar, from searching, taking surveys or playing games racking up deals will be fairly easy. Even with free shipping and handling involved (and let’s be serious, shipping is usually what will end up costing us more in the end) all the time spent on browsing websites can earn you a profit.

More sites include: This website always you to earn credit while you purchase. Once you’ve made a purchase through this one, rewards will be thrown your way which you can redeem for cash, travel miles or even gift cards. Here they offer printable coupons as well as rewards.

And the list continues. So why would we tell you about these websites? Not only is it about earning a profit or cash back. But they fact that saving money is the number one priority on virtual every individual’s mind. Saving up for holidays, vacations or home repairs can take a bite out of your pocket. Taking certain steps to help ensure that, not only will you have extra cash, but money to invest towards your future to the future of your children.

At first when one hears about these sites, a skeptical response may be the first thought to come out. However, usually you just sign up with your name and email, nothing personal. And if it’s not through a Paypal account then do not use it.

Profitable Projects that You Can do From Home

Get quick rich schemes are what fill up a lot of your spam inbox or when you type into your search browser ‘making money online’. How do you find the one possible job that will not lead you down the wrong path into giving out vital information or money you’ve saved?

To pull in some ideas on what you could build or create. Here are a few examples of websites that have been created and now pull in some income.

10MinuteMail: Which is for any one of us that chooses not to give out our personal or business email; like I said with all the spam out there on the web. You can make up a mock email and send the junk to this account. And within 10 minutes time, it will be deleted. The video ripping website makes nearly $30,000 a month. With no additional cost except for design changes and upgraded to the website. Pretty neat idea for the fact that you could simply rip a video you like and saving it to your hard drive.

And this interesting bit of information about a user named Robinhood that sells libraries for different forms of prototyping that involves apps. Easily since 2014 he has made $45,000. This year he decided to quit his day job and take on this investment full time.

What do all of these ideas have in common? They were simple side projects that people had in mind. Take a few hours here and there and within a small amount of time, they were already making money. Enterprise and self-motivation are active reminders that generating a profit by using the internet is a business making opportunity.

Maybe may become your calling? Opening a clothing shop online or generating a blog that helps others find finical advising when they need it. One of the first rules I have learned while making a profit, is that searching, reading and even starting your own blog can help towards this goal.

Without taking up too much time, no business is an over-night success. Time will tell.

Givengi Shares 50 Percent of Their Profit

So who are this ‘Givengi’ network sharing their profit with and a good chunk of half? Well their users of course. And as of right now this social network is so new, that it hasn’t even technically launched yet. Since two of the three cofounders are still full time college students and another working, they have combined their efforts to pull off a very special social media network.

How would this small company platform pay their users? By paying the users that use the site often. And it is as simple as that, shockingly.

Givengi would more than likely issue out a type of credit card to their people, so that the money could be transferred automatically to the individual. As well as insuring them that the individual would be able to spend that money.

Funny enough because if you really take the time to think about it, it seems that Givengi just wants people to sign up and from their you would already be getting paid. But then again since these college kids are college kids, they understand that social media world. And they want to give back to the people that have a sort of creative control from their posts to even photos being posted.

Kelly Reddington the official founder of Givengi has stated that they have learned from past mistakes to visualize and to bring forth the proud factor of what they insist they must put out into the world. Almost in an odd way, this seems to be a ‘pay it forward’ symbolic gesture but in the form of spreading a fair amount of money between their users.

The way Givengi has been described sounds like an updated version of Facebook. So will Facebook have competition? Already more than it has at the moment? We can hear a few of you nodding yes; however, as for right now we anticipate the launch of a highly intriguing social media network.

Bubblews and Bonzo Me Networking

As of right now, what social media sites can you think of that have paid you back? Can’t think of any off the top of your head well we are here to introduce two sites that are doing just that.

Bonzo Me and Bubblews take your content and let’s say something you wrote went viral or have gained from traffic to the site; you will receive a portion of the ad revenue from the site; about 80% of the ad revenue.

As of now Bubblews will pay you by the fact that if your post has been shared to another social network or even by the click. And what both of these social media sharing sites want depends on you. Number one rule, go a bit deeper. None of the shallow stuff you tend to read while passing through on some sites.

For instance Bubblews wants at least 400 characters per post and what we like about this, is the fact that writing or perhaps journalism of some sort may be making a comeback but in this digital format.

Bonzo Me pays by the most popular post, not so bad considering no one ever really knows what will go viral or become popular amongst friends.

Bonzo Me has this excellent tagline once you enter the site explaining how they want to help change the social media world, and the fact of the matter is…that would start with you. The people that use these platforms for exercise ambitions, dreams, social matters and anything else that inspires.

Also another fun fact, Bonzo Me can be used as an app. So don’t worry about turning on your laptop, simply take a photo with your phone and you’ll be well on your way.

These social media hooks can provide a bit of cash while you still can’t quit your day job just yet. However, these two sites will introduce you to the world of making a profit with social networking.

Work with each one as well as take the time to go through and read the FAQs that each social media network has enlisted on their pages.

Three Ways to Ensure Profit from Social Networking

After the big explosion of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and a few other social media sites; at least one out of two people know someone that has made a profit from their new found success or intend on making a profit in the near future.

Keeping that in mind, what can you do to make sure you are noticed? Picked from the bunch so to speak, so where to start? Well first, get into the mindset; this the internet generation is an international business…not just stateside. If you want to cater to people, cater to everyone around the world. Of course start out small but have in the back of your mind that your best market may be international bound.

Secondly, have a set section you plan on following. Like, what sort of individual would like this product? Who would your demographic be? What would they find useful about this product you plan on selling? Find your niche with people. Are you leaning towards selling your own art? If so get in touch with some other artists and find people that are looking to buy.

What about if you are a make-up artists? This is huge on Instagram but nearly everyone finds a way to stick out. It’s just time you’ve found yours.

And finally for lucky number three, social media is an easy going, friendly neighborhood. Treat it as such and rewards will come your way, if you abuse the fact that social networking can actually do something for you. Say you pick a fight or say some cruel things; this will without a doubt hurt your business. You may as well as close up shop now because your words will spread like wild fire.

Promoting has the ultimate upper hand and advantage within this realm. Just like how word of mouth uses to go from person to person. It is the same difference just now with text messages and sharing links amongst one another.

Keeping these three points in check at all times can further along your business or possible fame that may come out of your social networking on social media sites.

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