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Givengi Shares 50 Percent of Their Profit « Profit.Social
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Givengi Shares 50 Percent of Their Profit

So who are this ‘Givengi’ network sharing their profit with and a good chunk of half? Well their users of course. And as of right now this social network is so new, that it hasn’t even technically launched yet. Since two of the three cofounders are still full time college students and another working, they have combined their efforts to pull off a very special social media network.

How would this small company platform pay their users? By paying the users that use the site often. And it is as simple as that, shockingly.

Givengi would more than likely issue out a type of credit card to their people, so that the money could be transferred automatically to the individual. As well as insuring them that the individual would be able to spend that money.

Funny enough because if you really take the time to think about it, it seems that Givengi just wants people to sign up and from their you would already be getting paid. But then again since these college kids are college kids, they understand that social media world. And they want to give back to the people that have a sort of creative control from their posts to even photos being posted.

Kelly Reddington the official founder of Givengi has stated that they have learned from past mistakes to visualize and to bring forth the proud factor of what they insist they must put out into the world. Almost in an odd way, this seems to be a ‘pay it forward’ symbolic gesture but in the form of spreading a fair amount of money between their users.

The way Givengi has been described sounds like an updated version of Facebook. So will Facebook have competition? Already more than it has at the moment? We can hear a few of you nodding yes; however, as for right now we anticipate the launch of a highly intriguing social media network.

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