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How to find place for your business in Social network obsessed market?

It’s true; today we are all maniacs when it comes to social networking. No matter if you use Twitter, Facebook, Blogger or any other type of network communication probably you’ve spotted that you notice less companies and businesses that are not promoted in your network. If you are starter or you have already a business that you want to develop, you cannot proceed without proper presentation in the social networks. It’s simple – if you don’t exist there, you don’t exist at all. How to find a place to fit your business in the networks? Here are a couple of steps you can use!

  1. Check the competitors’ presentation.

Use the available information on their sites, blogs or walls to see how they have organized their presentations in the social networks. What they stress on? Is it images, customer contact or product descriptions? See how this reflects their popularity among the audience because in social networks businesses measure their success through it.

  1. Connect yourself.

You may start by connecting through friends, acquaintances or relatives but remember that this is the image of your business, not of your personality. Leave the recipes’ exchange, personal complaining and other nonprofessional things for your personal page. Use interest orientated pages to expand your network.

  1. Be interesting and useful.

Two things are valuable today: intriguing way of displaying information and if we can have some benefit from it. Base the information you present to your online friends on this principles and their number will grow as also the number of your customers.

  1. Use the feedback opportunities.

Answer your clients on time and accurately. Keep in touch to see if they are satisfied with the service or product you offer and post their reviews. For a client nothing is more valuable like the opinion of another customer.

Rules of businesses in the social networks

What are the specifications of the environment? Remember that operating in social network is based mostly on respect and communication. Every marketing is good as long as it draws attention toward your products but if you want to create good image, you need to communicate properly. Social networks are based on openness and availability so be careful what you post on your wall, board or another display place. Use your face to face customers to start, network is network because it works like a web – through your customers you will reach more and more people – their friends, colleagues, relatives which will “spread the word” for you without expensive advertisements.

Another thing you need to keep is the dynamic. With social media what doesn’t get often refreshed becomes forgotten. No matter if you have blog, Facebook wall or Instagram, update it frequently with information for your products or related topics that will keep audience’s interest on you. For example, if your company creates apps post their specifications and the benefits that the customers will get from them.

Be careful, that’s the third rule. Protect your property no matter personal or business. Don’t disclose too much about your products to avoid plagiarism from competitors. Make sure all the information you share is harmless and cannot be used against you in any way.

Respect your competitors – if you start with posting ugly posts or lies, you will probably end up receiving the same. Restrain yourself from too emotional outbursts no matter if they are good or bad. Be respectful, moderate and honest.

Security is a great issue when it comes to Internet communication. To avoid being robbed from your intellectual property, don’t share schemes, codes, detailed images or videos and music. Anything that is object of your business should remain strictly for company’s use.

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