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coupons « Profit.Social
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Post about "coupons"

How to profit from the social networks if you don’t own a company?

Long ago social networks turned into something more than album with incorporated chat service. Today they are used in many ways to help people gain information, exchange ideas or even get some extra money. No, we are not talking for dirty bargains and frauds here (although they are also widely practiced online, so be careful!).

May be you think that only companies profit from such enterprises but open your mind and see the truth: everyone can get benefits in financial measure, look how you can do it personally!

  • The Tsu network

Its idea is that every user should get paid if he or she produces any kind of content that gathers likes, comments or any other kind of commercial use of their content. According to Sebastian Sobczak, the creator of Tzu, the company will provide its users with 90 percent of its ad revenue. The other thing that they plan to reward is the involving of new people. So did you made lists which of your friends will you invite?

  • Coupons online

Basically it may seem that you don’t gain money but isn’t it saving the other face of gaining? If you are a passionate online shopper probably you know the tags that offer you discount if you provide coupon code. So here are a couple of sites that publish coupons for wide range of brands and services, may be your favorite is among them or maybe you are on your way to find it now:

  • Hybrid networks

These are free networks that offer coupons and deals combined with group and friends gathering. You can enter a group that is topic based or created by your friends and you can share the coupons over any other standard social network like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


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